Stefan Tretau - Poles Apart

by ST_Records

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Nothing on earth can be further apart from each other than our poles. Also ST006 takes us to distant worlds, abstract landscapes and deep voyages. Therefore "Poles Apart" is the name of Stefan Tretau´s latest EP on ST_Records and it´s a must for any deep-house-hedonist.

The best way to enjoy electronic music is to completely lose yourself in it. With "Poles Apart" that succeeds from the very first minute. Delay dipped Chords continually flow against the incipient beat and let the listener worlds back away.

Almost technoid and with rustling hats the second track "Into the Past" starts off. Deep-sounding, almost scratchy chords set up where Poles Apart left off. In this case, the piece remains extremely straightforward and definable, but without losing any tension.

"Constancy of Purpose" is like the moment where you fly slowly over a large glacier. Floating and with continuous rhythm ice flies by and one hardly noticed how the flashing percussion describe a size that is only evident at a second glance.

"Edge" sounds like cuddling ice floes. Pleasant melodies are accompanied by cracking ice sheets, ice rain pattering follow footstep-like hats and backward-moving pad sounds complete the subtle arrangement that acts as the conclusion of a caressing circular motion.

Apparently from another end of the world is "Bugs". With its LFO-pitched bass drum, the staccato guitar sounds, the blips and opening hats, this sound seems like a still unknown arctic being who courts for further attention with its dry and direct bass sounds.


released March 28, 2014

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all rights reserved



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